We Buy Ugly Houses In Decatur, GA


Do you have an ugly house in Decatur, Ga? At ATLfairOffer we buy ugly houses in Decatur, Ga.  Are you in the middle of a financial struggle and the only thing you have left is an ugly home in Decatur? Do you think selling this property can be the end of your problems? Anything you can think of about your ugly home, it can be worth a fortune if you bring it to us! We can make a full cash offer for your ugly house in Decatur home no matter the current state. Some people would say ‘my house is too ugly to go on the market’ we are here to put an end to that!

The decision to sell a home is a big one. In order to be sure, if you’re making the right decision, you can start by asking families and friends for their advice. Contact those who’ve been in the same condition as you in the past, those with past home selling experience. They can help you gain self-education on the process so you can make informed decisions. You can rely on us for further decisions on your home selling process, we have a goal of your satisfaction after a successful closing of your “ugly home”. We make you understand and find it comfortable working with us while we make an instant cash offer for your Decatur home.

By the time you finalize on the decision to get your home on the market, it must be for one reason or another, It is normal to feel like some areas of your home are worn out and would need some parts upgraded and cleaned up before inviting the numerous buyers for showings. We know these repairs and upgrades are not freely offered to those in need of. You are in a financial struggle and you have nothing saved for repairs in your pockets. You might have access to the cash but time could be the problem. You are a busy person, you work out of town and you have no time to take care of your property, or you Might just have gotten a new job out of town and you’re thinking of how fast you can sell your current home that needs repairs before moving.

In the case of a new job out of town, you may be given very limited time to move to your new location, you have no time to follow up repairs before listing your home on the market. The only option you have at this moment is selling “as is”. Homes with extensive repairs would require more time to get them on the market. The “as-is” option was created for busy home sellers or sellers unable to cover repair expenses of their home before they can get it on the market. With this option, no work is needed from you, you just need to get to us with your property details and we do our job of making a top cash offer for your ugly home.

There’s one big mistake common with sellers with ugly homes, they rely on real estate agents to get their ugly homes sold when they have very limited time. This is the worst thing you can ever think of at this moment. Remember you are in need of urgent cash and you have very limited time to do so. The normal process of a real estate agent takes a lot of time and not everyone can wait for so long.

An agent will start by examining your home then ask you to carry on some repairs, they appraise your home and get an estimated price for listing, they list your home on the market where it will be needed to compete among other homes on your local market. We both know you have an ugly home won’t be able to keep up to the competition, your home might end up falling out of the market without being sold. Most real estate agents are known for listing your home at the least possible price so as to get it sold as fast as possible which it may not be encouraging to you. You deserve every worth of your home and we can deliver that right in your hands in no time.

Making that investment to improve your home is important as you’re just making sure your house sells for the highest amount possible. This option may not be the best for sellers with limited time or sellers with a limited budget on them for some heavy repairs. The process of a real estate agent to close on your home sale may take too long while you spend some extra cash on required repairs and other marketing strategies without guaranteeing a successful sale.

Average Renovation Cost Expected to completely get an ugly home ready for the competitive market

  • Door = $850
  • Lighting system = $499
  • Garage = $1,050
  • Exterior Paint = $1,656
  • Interior Pain = $1,656
  • Deck = $6,919
  • Window = $4,745
  • Kitchen = $19,920
  • Bathroom = $11,365
  • Living room = $23,000
  • Master bedroom = $21,500

Your Decatur home can get you the money you need while working with us. We simplify the home selling process to your understanding. I’ll continue below with more advantages you get while working with us.


  • No Need For Repairs And Upgrades

Repairing or improving a home means a lot of time and money. We can take your home “as-is”. We make the selling process easy and hassle-free for you by paying full cash for your ugly home. All we need is your home location and other details to make a top cash offer.

  • No Need To Look For A Real Estate Agent

We know the search for an agent can be very difficult with the presence of over a hundred agents in Decatur. Getting a reliable agent can be very tough. You might just end up in the hands of someone who has no knowledge of the local area. Working with an agent with no knowledge of your local market can be very disappointing as your home will end up falling out of the market or selling for less than what you expected. Come to us and have your home sold fast.

  • Agent Commission

When you contact an agent to help you sell your home, he comes with one thing in mind ‘commission’. The only reason an agent would help you out with your home selling is for a commission they deducted from the sale price of your home. This commission is normally 6% of the final price of your home. No think of losing up to 6% of your home value when you need so much money to solve other issues. Working with us can get your home sold for free. A cash buyer won’t need any commission from you to buy your home. We make sure our clients have what they deserve.

  • No Inspection

Your ugly home shouldn’t go through the normal inspection process. Before a regular buyer makes an offer for a home, they normally request a time for inspection where they bring experts to do the job. The inspection process is the point where most buyers lose interest in your home. When other buyers find faults on your property, they use it against to get discounts. No need to go through this process when you can simply contact a Decatur cash buyer.

  • Have Your Paperwork Handled

Not everyone has the time or knowledge to handle the required paperwork in a real estate transaction. This part usually requires a lot of work. We can have this done for you. We handle everything and the only thing left for you is to sit back home and receive your cash.

Get rid of that unwanted property, let us make a cash offer for your ugly Decatur home regardless of its condition. Our process is quite simple, you get to us and present your home information, you speak with one of our experienced team members and answer a few questions concerning your property. We make a full cash offer to complete the purchase of your home in less than a day. No need to spend months trying to sell your home when it can all be done in a day.