Many questions arise when trying to sell a house fast in Atlanta.  Everything from reputation to local perception precedes our business.  We have a system we use to buy houses in Atlanta, Ga.  There are many tire kickers in today’s market.  We would like to take some time to break down the fast home sell process in Atlanta.

First thing first, we will NEVER focus on going over prices investors pay for houses in Atlanta.  This is important because the market is up, and experts are saying high-interest rates will weaken the market in time.  This distorts home prices, and creates many highball offers from “cash buyers who buy houses fast”.  This is the main reason inexperienced investors waste home sellers’ time and sanity.  With rapid price fluctuation in the Atlanta real estate market, a conventional seller would normally use a realtor.  This can be deceiving, as it doesn’t show fees associated with using a realtor/broker, or fix up cost.  These fees can reach as high as 6%, not including the fix-up cost. The next option may involve reaching out to a local home investor.  There are times when sellers need to sell their houses as fast as possible.  A savvy home investor will know areas, and prices they can pay in certain areas.  They do not adjust pricing in hopes of buying a property, as numbers don’t lie.  The price of the houses sold in the area for cash, within the last 6 months dictates home prices.  We present you with a professional home buyers offer,  we do not use highballing as a method to buy houses.  We are honest with our approach when buying houses, also with our purchase price.  Watch out for investors who promise top dollar or above market value cash offer.