Candler Park 2018

History of Atlanta Real Estate

Candler Park in Atlanta is named after the famous Coca-Cola company tycoon Asa Candler, who donated the land to the city of Atlanta. Atlanta Real estate developed the 55 acres of the land into a cozy neighborhood with luxuriant greenery with some deeply exhilarating landscapes. The park and the neighborhood share the same name with neighborhood being developed by Atlanta Real Estate offers a number of appealing and elegant homes for the families as well as bachelors. The Candler Park offers a number of recreational facilities, Tennis court, Basketball court, Outdoor pool, football field and playground are some of those where people can spend their leisure time and have a good time with their family and friends. One of the biggest and distinctive features of the Candler Park is its nine-hole golf course that has fascinating look in the neighborhood and a lovely spot for golfers as well as picnic lovers. With its natural and aesthetic looks, it is a place that you would definitely want to be with your kids.

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Why should you invest in Atlanta Real Estate?

  • The thing about Candler Park Real Estate that has made it so special is their focus and devotion to the services provided to their customers. A perfect place for your family home and a great place to raise your kids is the Candler Park Neighbourhood.
  • The area has a couple of middle and high schools and also an elementary school which are all well connected.
  • Atlanta Real Estate not only sells you the home but also holds the meeting on a regular basis to ensure the people in the community are having a smooth life and are well protected.
  • The scenic beauty of the area is also preserved for its aesthetic as well as moral values. If you are looking for a home in Atlanta, Georgia then do make sure that you consider the Candler Park.
  • The area is also well connected to other towns by road as well as rapid transit rail service, available at Edgewood/Candler Park Station.
  • Candler Park Historic District is also listed in the National Register of Historic Places that signifies the importance of the alluringAtlanta homes built here and their historic significance.
  • Atlanta Real estate in collaboration with Candler Park has done a fascinating work to build together a community that are closely knit and lives in great harmony with nature as well as people.
  • The society is managed in form of an organization that holds meetings and sessions for the welfare of the people in the community, to solve the problems of the residents in all possible way and to maintain the beauty of the area.

Atlanta homes are beautifully designed internally as well as externally and are a delight to look at. We provide good deals on the houses and works very quickly to get your dream house. The neighborhood will allure you and your family to its essence and you won’t be able to say no to the Candler Park homes.


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