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This article is for those who are behind their mortgage payments. Some tips for you can avoid foreclosure of your property due to mortgage payments. You can feel that you are under massive debt when you are behind your mortgage payments. Even though the on-time monthly payments, you can still be behind because of some past debt. Making those payments can be a big headache. 

There is a high chance that your property can be seized if your debt is very high. Because of this debt, many properties have been the victim of foreclosure.

Following 5 Tips Can Help You in Catching up to Your Mortgage Payments:

  • Bankruptcy

Although this is an option for desperate situations, there is not a hopeless situation than saving your house. This method can be useful in dealing with a lot of lenders. If you are in massive debt, bankruptcy can be proved beneficial for you. If you are in talks with different lenders, there is a high chance that they will help you with your situation. You can spend some affordable money and hire a professional that can help you with this process.

  • Reaffirm

Reaffirmation can be a good option for you. But on the other hand, it has some drawbacks. Reaffirmation is adding some clause to your agreement of loan payment. Some states only offer this in case of auction of your property.

  • Making Home Affordable (MFA)

MFA is a government in which you can apply for the concession in your mortgage payment. You can apply for mortgage payment if you qualify for it and if your loan is from either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

There are some conditions for the MFA program. You can get concession in your mortgage payment if your debts more than your house’s worth. You can even get the benefit in money or time if you are not working anywhere or you are currently unemployed.

MFA seems to be a good option, but it also has some setbacks like there is a lot of hustle involved in it to get it. Like every government program, it also requires you to sign a lot of paperwork. 

  • Negotiate with Your Bank

You have to work hard to get your debt reduced or to delay the dates of payment. Bank provides facilities for a lot of lenders to help catch up with their mortgage payments. This isn’t as easy as it seems, you have to hustle a lot for it.

This happens a lot of times that you apply for a new loan to catch up with the mortgage payments on the advice of lenders, but the bank doesn’t do that for you because your remaining amount isn’t enough to refinance the loan.

This is not an easy process. You have to go to the bank for a lot of times. Explain your situation to everyone from the bank you meet. Show them paperwork. You will have to convince them that you want to keep your house and you are willing to stay there for long. Tell them that you don’t want to give your home away. This isn’t easy. You don’t have to show them you are desperate. You will have to talk and act nicely with everyone. Never lose your patience and temper. Don’t give up with these negotiations and have patience and hope for the best. 

Some banks can be helpful when you explain your situation. But most of them ask for a considerable amount of money back within a few months. You have to convince the bank that there is more advantageous for them in helping you than auctioning your home. After all, banks want money. But this will be hard to convince them because banks don’t consider the advantage and prefer to auction your house instead.

  • Borrow Money from Private Investors

Suppose all of the tips as mentioned above, don’t help your case. You can borrow money from private investors. Instead of running here and there to look for private investors. You can come to us. We will help you with all the things that you need to keep your house. We have contacts with homeowners, and we can help you to prevent foreclosure of your property. We can help you sell your property in Metro Atlanta if you want to sell your property, in case of late mortgage payments. 

You can contact us and talk about any of these problems, and we will tell you the solution.

Call us or fill out the form on this website to get started.


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