House Buying Services Right For You?

Wondering which House Buying Services are Right For You?

 We have all been fooled by at least once in our lives. Are We buy houses company real, professional home buyers. A lot of signs and posters can be found with ads that say, ‘We buy houses for cash’. These are investors that are willing to buy your house no matter what condition its in.  These investors normally don’t intend to give a hefty amount for it. If your ceiling is falling down, there is no need to worry because these quaint investors are still willing to buy your house.

Quick Options For House Sale In Atlanta

These homebuyers provide a quick option for house sale in Atlanta.  They are searching for homeowner to sell their house as quickly as possible, the advertisements regarding these company usually list a few situations in which the home owner would find motivation in selling. These include owners who are unable to sell, owners who are getting a divorce or are separating, owners that have gone bankrupt and can no longer afford living in their house, owners who are being evicted, and owners who have to relocate because of their jobs. Similarly, they also cater to homes that have been vacated illegally, homes that are not owned by anyone or condemned, homes that are destroyed or are in a really bad shape, and homes that are foreclosing. These situations help potential clients to relate with their own situation and gives them the choice of selling their house to the investors who buy any house.

What’s the catch?

But this is all seems too good to be true. And it is. There is always a price to pay which isn’t mentioned earlier otherwise no one would sell their house this quickly. The local homebuyers that provide such services sometimes tell their clients that they are getting a fair deal from them since the clients doesn’t have to pay the commission of real estate agents. This can sometimes makes the deal seem suitable to the homeowner. Sometimes the homeowner may fail to realize a realtor could normally list and sell for a higher price to buyers on the market.  This would take time, and sometimes time is money.


The home buyers that are providing services regarding the buying of houses do not charge commission because the investor is already paying for other fees such as closing cost, or title fees. The title policies are also paid for by the company instead of making the clients pay for them. This again gives the impression to the clients that they are getting a great deal.  In reality, this may be one of the only options depending upon the condition of the property.

Companies that provide fast Cash In Atlanta

Many home buying services that are in the business of providing fast cash to the people are generally known as Equity Purchase (EP) companies. These companies tend to give you the lowest amount possible for your house. Their strategy is to offer you a price that is at least 80% below the value of your house in the market. Similarly, they also discount the equity value to the half i.e. 50% of the original value. Than flipping it to another buy and hold or buy and rehab buyer. These are referred to in the investment world as investor cash buyers.  They are normally 

Who should you sell your house to?

Even though people who want to get rid of their house as quickly as possible, benefit from selling their houses to fast cash companies can be less profitable, and sometimes not worth it. The key is to find the investor cash buyer directly or those who buy house as is and close on the house themselves. Selling to buy homes directly or using a real estate agent will ultimately prove to be the best possible option if price is a big factor.   Investors are That means not having to worry about paying off your loan.

Fast cash companies tend to buy the house from you at a minimum possible price and then resell that house to a potential buyer at a higher rate. Being the middle man, they profit the highest and rip you off of the cash that rightfully belongs to you. Even then, if you prefer to sell your house to such companies, it is perfectly fine. It is better, if you are not in a hurry to sell your house, to look at both the options i.e. the fast cash companies and direct buyers to see which one is more profitable for you.   Home buying services such as ATLfairoffer in Atlanta, Georgia, help homeowners sell the house, and provide transparency throughout the transaction.  They are also a team of house buyers who can present more than one offer.  This will help you choose the option best suited to your current situation.


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