How to Sell a House After Evicted Tenants

How to Sell a House After Evicted Tenants Have Left Items Behind?

Sometimes, it becomes too difficult to deal with the tenants, but their eviction is normally a headache. Many homeowners report that their tenants have left  belongings behind, trashed the house, stolen wires/appliances etc… This makes it difficult to deal with listing the house also.  There are a few essential responsibilities of the landlord, as defined in Georgia laws, and it is important to follow them carefully. It is important to give your tenants a chance to retrieve their stuff before it is disposed-off.  It is important never to take an eviction into your own hands. For a deeper understanding of the eviction process and landlord responsibilities, gain insights from our comprehensive guide, “Your Guide to Selling Your Atlanta Home Quickly”.

Why Tenants Leave Items Behind

You might be interested to know why tenants leave some belongings behind. Well, the reason can be explained only after knowing the actual cause and conditions of eviction. Chances are, it becomes difficult for them to take away all items at once, so they have left something behind to pack in the next round. It may also happen in sudden evacuation conditions when tenants simply don’t know where to carry all the stuff, and they need some time to make arrangements. Before you do anything to the left items; it is important to send a notice to the tenants describing their pending things. You can expect them to take away things in a short time; prefer to mention the duration in the notice. Do not throw away belongings of the tenants without giving them a chance to collect things, you will end up paying a huge amount at a later stage. For more insights into these situations, check out our blog post on Atlanta Property Market: The Hype vs. The Harsh Reality.

Sell Your House With Evicted Tenants

If you are in this condition, and you are in a hurry to sell the evicted property, it is good to find the right buyers. We are here to buy your house for cash, and we are ready to handle the tenant-related issues as well. When you are in immediate need of money and wish to get the right price for your property, it is better to sell it for cash. We are working in this field from past several years and have huge experience to deal with all such issues in the real estate market. We are ready to offer you the right price for the property and prefer to make a fast cash payment to close the deal. For more related insights, you may also find our article, “Why Selling Your House in Metro Atlanta: A Comprehensive Guide”, to be a valuable resource.

The procedure to sell the property to a cash buyer is quite easy. Follow these simple steps:

• First of all, visit our official website and update details about your property in the form available online. www.atlfairoffer.ccom.  You can also send us an email or contact via phone call to discuss all the issues.

• Soon we will set a good time to visit to your property, that you wish to sell. Our team will make some estimates for the deal.

• As soon as both parties agree on price point, we will provide you full cash payment to buy the property.


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