How To Sell A House In Probate?

How To Sell A House In Probate?

For most homeowners, probate sale seem like the most intimidating and tiring procedure. Many times, such deals lead to loads of strain and tensions in the family.  We specialize in buying houses during probate terms.  The process is completed by following accurate procedure, and knowledgeable method. It is possible to get things done easily.

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Note that, when the actual owner of the property passes away, the real estate is brought to the probate court for sale. In case if there is no one to take responsibility of the property after owner’s death, the property is presented in front of the court, and later the closest relative is appointed to complete the sales process. As soon as all steps for sales have been executed, the probate court handles the splitting process between available beneficiaries.

If the decedent has appointed someone to act as an executor for the property, that person will be allowed to handle things further. However, in case if there is no such mentioning left by the owner, the closest relative is appointed, or the court will complete the process.

Understanding these procedures can be complex, which is why we’ve detailed them in our FAQs section.

Now, if you are interested in selling your property during probate, it may seem important to hire an expert to complete the entire process. The very first task you need to do is appraise the property. It is possible to find appraisers online. In case if you have hired a real estate agent, they will provide you referrals. The preferable idea is to sell the property at almost 90% of its appraisal value. The next important task is selling the home; depending upon conditions of the property, you may list or sell for cash.   As soon as the offer for sale is accepted from a buyer, the details will be provided to the court. The sale will be finalized as per legal procedures in Georgia.

For a more comprehensive understanding of these options, you might want to read about Selling House To An Investor vs Agent, which can provide valuable insights into your decision.

This may seem a bit complicated for a novice home owner trying to sell a house fast; especially those who are busy in their work life, and cannot find time to visit court or run behind home sale professionals. If you are in this boat give us a call now (404) 800-1744 We will explain the entire process upfront.

When the best idea is to sell your home for cash. We are ready to help you with that. Simply provide details about your property, and we will provide the best estimates by checking current conditions of the home, and home sales in the area. Once we agree on the price point, we can help you get instant cash amount for the property. There is no need to run behind realtors or spend several months marketing the property.  Even when your property is under probate, we can offer you education throughout the process( even if you don’t decide to close with us.) There is no need to pay any commission to the realtors; you can close the deal without any effort on your behalf, and assist with relief from repeated court visits as well. Our teams are ready to help you with the selling process, irrespective of the condition or location of the property.


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