Inefficiencies in Real Estate Transactions

Inefficiencies in Real Estate Transactions

Real estate is basically a combination of two different elements: land and the physical improvements of land. As the name indicates, real estate represents a real or some physical property. This property is associated with land, building, roads, ponds, canals and other machinery objects.
From the past few years, the real estate market in the Greater Atlanta area has surged. Most of the investors around the hotlanta area are interested in making a profit of buying and selling properties. Some Georgia counties have even changed the rules and regulations for real estate investments to attract more buyers.

The concept of inefficiencies:

You might have heard that the real estate market is believed to be the most inefficient market in terms of transactions. If we look at the concept of efficient market hypothesis, it maintains all stocks at a perfect price as per their specific inherent values. The knowledge for those investments is commonly shared by the participants associated with that market. There are a few important characteristics of real estate properties; the list includes:
• All the real estate properties are unique.
• Only a few sellers and buyers are active at a time.
• Prices of the properties keep on varying depending upon several factors.
• Properties in the real estate market present a durable product.
Now, if we look at the real estate market, it is something like a bubble that starts increasing with the rise in demand; however, the supply is limited. Same as air takes some time to take the bubble up, this market also takes some time to expand and then it may even become unaffordable for some people. In some situations, it also has a fall, and the price falls. The demand and supply keep on increasing and decreasing like a bubble. People make their investment decisions by observing this trend and make efforts to maximize their profits. There are many other factors as well that make the real estate market the most inefficient market in the world. Few such factors are discussed hereby to boost your knowledge base.

Factors affecting inefficiencies of the real estate market:

1. Physical factors:
Here is one of the most important factors that influence the inefficiency of the housing market. It is determined in terms of the location of the development; the analysis is regarding whether the place is feasible or not. Few other factors are also included in this category; they are natural geographic boundaries, topography, soil condition, water availability, natural resources, climate and transport patterns. But note that, these factors do not affect property values individually; rather, they are interconnected.
It is usually observed that hilly areas are priced low as compared to the properties available at flat areas. However, some investors plan to invest in hilly areas to develop tourism-related facilities such as large hotels and tourist spots.
2. Economic factors:
Economic condition is another important factor associated with the inefficiencies of the real estate market. It is usually measured in terms of few specific indicators such as the price of goods, manufacturing activity, employment data and GDP. Other than this, some parameters affecting inefficiencies of the market include production tags, disequilibrium between supply and demand, cost of agency misuse, value of the currency, low number of investors, high transaction cost and many more. When the value of currency decreased or increases on international grounds, it has a direct impact on the real estate market as well.
3. Technical factors:
Another key factor affecting real estate market inefficiencies is a technical factor. In this 21st century, human beings have become highly dependent on technology. No business can work without the influence of technologies and latest advancements. People also consider such factors while investing in real estate property. They are always eager to know about the quality of telecommunication systems, electrical facility, transportation options and access to routine life amenities. Luxuries are not possible without technology, and if the trend is missing, people show less interest in making an investment.
4. Lack of information:
After the above three factors, real estate market inefficiencies are also associated with the lack of information; preferably regarding the debt market. The general scenario says that investors and lenders rely on each other to making the best out of any opportunity in the real estate market. But when buyers are not aware of the funding options around, they cannot take solid decisions. Although many banks are ready to provide loans to investors, it is important to evaluate the interest rate options. They also need to make an in-depth analysis of repayment policies and duration. Lack of information discourages people from making a big investment in the market.
Studies reveal that investors don’t want to spend their money on random properties. They first prefer to evaluate some important matters. After the above three essential factors, people are also concerned about government interventions in the area, accessibility, security, sanitation facilities, infrastructure, availability of work surroundings and entertainment options.
Properties that can generate stable incomes are more preferred by the investors. People want that value of the property they are planning to invest must rise with time so that even if they plan to sell or rent it in future, it must ensure great returns. Hence, no one wants to compromise his investment. The prime idea is to look for the best location, most efficient properties that can ensure long term returns.
The bottom line:
The inefficiencies keep on varying for commercial and residential real estate market. Many experienced investors even prefer to do some in-depth statistical tests before spending their money on any property. Statistical tests can provide an idea about which parameters are going to affect the value of particular property in the long run.
Even if the market transactions are inefficient in nature; it is still fruitful to invest in commercial as well as residential. You can make some in-depth analysis of associated factors and choose the most valuable location for your investment. A strategic investment can definitely ensure long term profits.
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