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Are you someone who is trying to sell your house? Are you looking for a house buyer? Want to sell your house without any hassle? Are you looking for quick cash in exchange for your home? Or maybe, you want to give away your damaged property. Don’t want to repair your property before selling? Trying to sell an inherited property? Well, then we have your back!

AtlFairOffer is a company that buys properties located in Atlanta, Georgia, and its surrounding areas, we are Georgia’s prime real estate buying company. Contact us to sell your house quickly, against an all-cash offer! You won’t have to sign a contract which will bind you to an agent for a long time or deal with any paperwork. Also, keep in mind the waiting and wondering that comes along. We understand that selling your property or house can be a long and tedious job. So, we are here to your rescue. Just sell us your home and strike a deal with us in as little as 24 hours to 7 days!

AtlFairOffer knows what it is like to be stuck with a house that you need to sell, wait for buyers or be stuck with a damaged home. We will help you out by taking your house without any fees! We will also buy a damaged house, so no need to spend money on repairing that house!

It is true that only proven should be trusted. So, here are some facts that show us to be the best home buyers in Atlanta, GA.

We provide immidiate proof of funds:
Unlike other investors or buyers, we do not pretend to buy your property and wait for another investor to buy it and lurk your offer around. We only contact you if we are genuinely interested in buying your property. To show our commitment to the deal, we give the proof of fund as soon as the transaction is struck.

The first offer is the real offer:
We respect your professionalism. We don’t bargain with the price and set a fixed price instantly for each property after analyzing its state and condition. This way, we gain our customer’s trust, and they feel that they are in a safe place. You’ll NEVER have to deal with a re-negotiation.

We pay all the fees:
Unlike other investors, AtlFairOffer pays all your fees while buying the house. We don’t collect any “Finders Fee”, closing costs, commissions or fees. We just give you the money and not take anything from you apart from your house.

We ensure ‘Hassle Free selling’
Unlike the hassle of getting an agent who adds stress, more time and more fees to the process with less amount of buyers-which you eventually have to pick form- AtlFairOffer is always there for you. You just contact us and someone from our team will inspect your house and provide you with an offer in minimum time.

We accept Damaged houses:
We also deal with clients whose homes are damaged due to rains, floods, fire, earthquakes, or any minor damages too like dirty walls, cracked sealing, etc. You don’t have to repair the house and give it to us. We are interested in buying damaged homes as well.

Trusted by Sellers since 2012:
AtlFairOffer has been buying houses in Atlanta, Georgia since 2012. We have had customers pouring in since. You can read the feedbacks by our customers in the feedback section.

Easy process:
Unlike other buyers and agents, AtlFairOffer has a straightforward process- that is mentioned below- to sell your property. You just have to ring us on our phone and tell us about your house and just wait and watch your property being bought by the number one home buyers in Atlanta.

Cash Dealings:
One of our unique qualities includes: our company will give you instant cash in return for your house. We do our dealings in cash too. You just ask for the deal to be carried out in cash and we’ll do it for you!

You choose when to close the offer:
For us, the customer is the king. The customer decides when the proposal should be closed, and the deal is to be struck. We do not make decisions for you. In the end, the house is yours, and we let you make the final decision, and the baton is in your hands. We always close the deal when you choose to close.

Transparent business model:
Dealing in the business with honesty is very important for us. As buyers, we have a transparent business model and have many customers who help us improve our workings by giving us feedback.
All the sellers can trust us to buy your property in any condition, at any time, maximum cost and minimum time.

Four step process:
We have a straightforward process which involves just four easy steps. These steps can be performed easily by anyone. These steps can be found below.

What we buy:
Single Family Homes: Different houses with a single family can be sold by you, and we will happily buy it from you.
Damaged Houses: Houses that have gone through severe damages due to rain, sea, cyclone, lightning, pollution or any other natural calamity.
Good condition Houses that need to be sold for any reason at a reasonable price in exchange for cash
Condos or condominium are also bought by us. Apartment owners can also sell their property to us.
Townhomes or multistorey houses are bought by us in exchange for quick cash offers.
Similar types of houses acceptable by AtlFairOffer are:
Vacant dwellings
Mobile Homes with a permanent foundation

When we buy a property :

When an owner of the house is unable to sell the property due to any reason.
When the owner needs to sell the house in a short sale
When the owner needs to sell the house on short notice or in less time
When the owner purchased another property and is still stuck with the old one. Contact us, and we can solve this problem
When the seller of the property is behind on payments (or about to be), AtlFairOffer comes into work and helps the owner by buying the property against an instant cash offer.
When you want to be out from underneath your large monthly mortgage payments, we can help by buying your property.
When the owner is Facing Foreclosure, our job is to help you overcome it by buying your property.
When the owner of the property is going through a Divorce or separation, we come into the picture to help them.
If the owner is moving or relocating and leaving the house behind, we can buy it from you.
If the owner goes Bankrupt, AtlFairOffer will provide money in exchange for property located in the area near Atlanta, Georgia.
Inherited property from your ancestors needs to be sold and is not in use, We are the ones who are willing to buy it from you without any repairing fees or commissions
We also buy properties in case of Probation
When the seller wants to omit the Landlord headaches and sell the house as soon as possible.
Sometimes, there is no reason behind peoples decision. Similarly, AtlFairOffer buys houses from owners who have no situation at all and just want to sell their home.


Call (404) 800 -1744
Inform us about your house and let us know about it. For easy communication, here are things you should mention:
Number of Rooms
Expected prize

Set an appointment
If you meet our buying criteria, we’ll set up a quick appointment with you.
After we have analyzed the property we will present you with a fair written, No-obligation offer.

Collect cash
We close at a reputable title company, cash in your hands in as little as 7 days!

Once we get your information, we make you a fair all-cash offer within a day. From there, we can close as quickly as 7 days… or on your schedule (sometimes we can have a check in your hand the very same day!)

If you’re still reading this, it may be because you’re not looking for a property agent but a direct cash buyer. It might be essential to go through the differences between other agent, buyers and us, to save you the time of doing a lot of research and headache in the long process of selling a house.

A comparison of costs between an agent and us:
Commissions and fees: Agents take an average of 6 per cent fees or commission for one deal. We, AtlFairOffer, provide you with “FREE ASSISTANCE.”

Would you rather spend money on an agent or sell your house to a trusted buyer without any fees? We suggest that you make this decision wisely.

Closing costs: Agents, unlike us, take a 2 per cent average approximation of closing costs. On top of the closing fee, you are obligated to play an extra charge to an agent. AtlFairOffer doesn’t levy such costs on you. We pay these costs from our own pocket.

Closing time: In case of an agent, you have to close the deal 30-60 days prior or after the deal is struck. But, if you are selling your house to AtlFairOffer, the closing time of the agreement is entirely flexible and will be determined by you. Closing of the deal is done on your preferred timeline.

Average days until sold: Agents give an average time limit of around 91 days. Imagine having to wait for 91 days to wait for someone to buy your house. AtlFairOffer is different. We give you an offer immediately.

Contingency: AtlFairOffer trusts your decisions and respects you. We give you cash offer without any Inspection and financing contingency, unlike agents who take up to 15 per cent of sales fall through.

Repairs Fee: Agents charge a repairing fee before buying the property. In some cases agents want you to repair the house on your expense before selling it to them. At AtlFairOffer, we take your home as is and charge any fees either.

Now that we have established why we’re better than agents in so many aspects, we would like to tell you our goal.

Our goal is to make your experience of selling easier and help you by buying the property that’s stressing you out and paying a fast, fair, and honest price to you for it. You don’t need to look around when selling your home fast in Atlanta, GA. We buy houses fast and without any headache.

AtlFairOffer has many offers to choose from. Go on our website and contact us if you have any query. At ATLfairOffer We Buy Houses In Atlanta, GA and would like the opportunity to work with you.
So Pick up the phone and get selling!


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