Why More Homeowners Are Choosing Cash Sales

Why More Homeowners Are Choosing Cash Sales If you have a home that you want to sell, there is a good chance that you want to sell it as quickly as possible with fewer hurdles. Most importantly, I assume that you want to keep all the money you will make from selling your home. If this is the case, then you will be better off selling to cash buyers only, much like the ones you can find through ATLFairOffer.

Nowadays, homeowners in the United States who are looking to sell their home are dumping the services of realtors for cash investors. To understand why this trend is gaining momentum, it’s worth exploring how it works. It is becoming more common for home sellers to work with investors because of the numerous benefits that come with it.

Much of the hassle that comes with selling a home is eliminated when a home seller chooses to work with an investor. According to a recent report by RealtyTrac – a California-based firm that tracks real estate trends, 44.4% of U.S home buyers in January paid in cash. The same platform also reported that in the last 3 years, a stunning 64% of all home sales in Florida were cash-only purchases. In the same way, 59% of New York home sales and 56% of Alabama homes were all bought by cash buyers.

Clearly, there are good reasons why so many homeowners are choosing cash sales. Most of these homeowners are looking to avoid disadvantages that come with using realtors. Some of these disadvantages include:

  • Lower Profits

A lot of people think they will get more when they sell their home with a realtor. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Just because you sell for more, doesn’t mean you will net more.  In most cases, you will pay hefty commissions, closing costs, repairs, and more that will eat very deep into your net profit. For more insights on this, our FAQs page provides valuable information.

  • Long Waiting Time

Losing part of your profit isn’t the only reason why homeowners are running away from realtors. When you make use of realtors, get ready to wait a long time before you can sell your house sells on the market. The use of a realtor is not an option when you want to sell your home quickly. According to statistics, it takes an average of 3-6 months to sell a home using a realtor in Georgia’s seller’s market. In most cases, it will take you longer than 6 months to achieve top dollar.

No wonder homeowners who can’t afford to wait are using cash investors to see that they sell their homes as quickly as possible. In most cases, your home will lose value while you wait to see an ideal buyer. With cash investors, you can eliminate the long waiting time that comes with using realtors and sell your home as quickly as possible in the prevailing market value.. Learn more about this process here.

If you choose to use a realtor, remember that you will continue to pay taxes, mortgages, insurance, dues, utilities, and maintenance while you wait.

  • Out of Control

When you put your home in the hands of realtors, you lose control of the entire process. You could land a bad realtor who doesn’t make you a priority or doesn’t negotiate effectively. Your realtor could drag the entire sales process just to fatten his pocket. This can be avoided when you use cash investors. This way, you are in the complete control of the entire process. You can negotiate and price your home the way you want without anyone dictating for you. When you finally make a sale, you will get to keep the entire profit. Read more about maintaining control during the sale process.

  • Costly Repairs and Endless Showings

Unless you have a lot of time to spare, you should be ready for endless showings, cleanings, waiting, and hoping when you are using a realtor. …. And don’t forget the costly repairs that you need to do to put your home in a good condition. This is certainly what you want to avoid if you need cash fast from selling your home.

Most people that want to sell their home are doing it because they need more money. Spending money on costly repairs means a lowers the amount you take home at closing.  Unless you are completely fine with these points mentioned above, selling to cash investors should be your ideal option when considering selling your home.

There are other reasons why you should consider using cash investors:

  • You need to sell fast
  • Your house needs a lot of repairs or updates to be marketable
  • You want to avoid all the hassle, waiting, and not knowing of the traditional selling process.

Sell Your Home Fast With a Trusted Buyer

Whether you are moving away, facing divorce, or you simply want to avoid costly repairs and mortgages, you can sell your home fast when you make use of ATLfairoffer.

ATLfairoffer buys rental houses, vacant, ugly houses and even houses that are not in habitable condition. This platform makes it extremely easy to sell your home and sell it fast. You can avoid wasting time on the negotiation process. Moreover, ATLfairoffer pays all closing cost, commissions, and fees. You can avoid losing part of your earnings to realtors when you use ATLfairoffer. You can as well avoid scammers when you use this platform.

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