Do You Have an Unwanted House?


Unwanted House

Do you own an unwanted house? Do you want to sell your unwanted house? Are you having trouble dealing with general contractors or property managers? This is the reason we step up, and stand beside you. Before anything, don’t think twice about choosing another selling your house in distress?



You want to sell your house fast


, which is precisely why we are here! We provide the best service to sell your house.  So who we are?


We are just some normal guys like you, who love to help any homeowner in distress with their property related issue. Our goal is to provide you the best deal in the market, we understand this doesn’t always happen so we help homeowners sell their houses whether we buy, or not. We can help you by buying houses anywhere, in any condition throughout Atlanta, Alpharetta, Acworth, Cherokee County, Cobb County, Dunwoody, East Cobb, Fulton County, Forsyth County, Kennesaw, Marietta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, West Cobb, and more. If you have a house, and you want to sell it, we are here for you.


More importantly, we genuinely know and understand how  painful it can be trying to sell a unwanted house in the current market.  But don’t worry, we are here. So let us help you by buying your property. We don’t really look deep into your property or house. We have already bought twenty plus properties this year, and we are looking for more now. ATLfairoffer is based out of Atlanta. The company does not just gather information and sell that to brokers; we are the unwanted home buyers in Atlanta, GA. We do not leave you on the marry go round; we are providing the real solution to anyone needing to sell fast. Our catch line is  “When you need to sell, we are here to rescue.”



Sometimes selling an unwanted house, is the best option for those who really wants help for them selves. Don’t hesitate, come to our office or make a call our number at (404) 800-1744. Previously, we helped so many unwanted house owners that we stop counting the numbers. We know, sometimes, the life takes you in some distressed situation that is really not your fault. We also know that in everyone’s life there may be a problem. But, as we know the problems from the deep, and we are dedicated to provide solutions fast.


Incidentally, you may be facing financial crisis due to your divorce or bad tenants, maybe it’s a house you need to sell for tax purposes. It does not matter who you are in the Greater Atlanta Area or surrounding suburbs, we can help  by purchasing the property fast. Maybe your vacant house is behind on property taxes, and you need to avoid Fulton County Sheriff Sales. Some sellers have bad experiences with other buyers of your property.

If you want to sell your property, we buy houses with fair cash. No hidden clause. We are ready when you are.


We don’t ask for a clean property.

You don’t need you to repair the house

We don’t find a buyer for you; we are the #1 Unwanted House buyers.

We even buy property with tenants. Cash for Keys!


We know that there are many con artists in disguise of property dealer. Handling them will result in losing your property and money. But with us, there is no delay in payment, no part payment no post-dated check. We give you fast cash at closing (Generally 24×7 hours or less). It’s your property, your deal, you are the boss- we are just some nice guys with lots of cash. Our goal is to help you, to get rid of your unwanted property. We remove stress by buying your  property with a fair, honest price.


We just ask your provide little information about you, like your name, property address, phone number, email. That’s all it takes to get started with initial processing.



The fact is: We help property owners simply suffering like you, in a wide range of circumstances. From separation, dispossession, death of a relative, difficult investment property, and a wide range of different circumstances. We purchase houses in Atlanta and nearby regions and pay a reasonable money value worth of your property, quick. Now and again, simply let us think about the property, and make the deal for you thus you return home with quick money.


Maybe you don’t want the labor or pain of owning a rental house anymore, let us think and evaluate the property, and send you a fair cash offer. Call us now. You will be amazed by our support team  (404) 800 -1744


400 West Peachtree St. NW Ste #4 – 622
Atlanta, GA 30308
 (404) 800 -1744

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